Dulux Class Action

Patrick & Associates are investigating potential claims for consumers arising from the use of Dulux Ceiling White paint.

There have been several allegations by consumers that following the use of the paint, there is an overwhelming odour and immediate health reactions. Efforts to remediate the problem can cost a considerable sum and may not be effective.

This may give rise to claims for consumers under the product liability and consumer protection provisions of the Australian Consumer Law.

The following products have been reported as being affected:

  • Dulux Ceiling White

  • Dulux Ceiling White NeverMiss

  • Dulux Ceiling White Kitchen/Bathroom

There may be claims open to consumers, either individually or as a group.

If you have a similar experience, and would like to discuss the matter on a confidential basis, then please contact us as follows:

Sophie Uhlhorn - Senior Associate
03 8547 1047

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